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Finally, a camera security system smart enough to learn what’s normal and only alert you to anything out of the ordinary.

No monthly fees, Available with indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras, and easy to set up.

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Cleverloop Complete 4 Cameras – Security Evolved


Finally, a camera security system smart enough to learn what’s normal and only alert you to anything out of the ordinary. Available with indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras, and easy to set up, CleverLoop is perfect for homes, apartments and businesses.

  • 1 Hub
  • 3 External Cameras
  • 1 Internal Camera


  • IOS and Android security apps put control in your hands.
  • Convenience of system auto-arm and disarm using phone’s GPS location.
  • Instant smartphone video alerts for important activities.
  • Never wonder what’s happening, see it with live camera viewing.
  • Privacy intact, as footage analysis is done locally.


cleverloop features

Keep an eye on your home from Anywhre

Just like a CCTV system or DVR surveillance system records footage and allows someone to live view their cameras or watch recordings, CleverLoop’s continuous storage features and app live view function perform the same duty. Many people, in both homes and businesses, are using CleverLoop as a CCTV system, but are loving the extras that it offers!

Simply by plugging an external hard drive into the back of a CleverLoop Base Station, users gain the ability to record continuous footage from each of their cameras. And depending on the size of hard drive and number of cameras, this can be months’ worth of footage. Plus the system auto deletes the oldest footage as it goes, so the memory is never full.

Instant alerts & notifications Via your phone

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7 reviews for Cleverloop – Complete Protection 4 Camera System

  1. Samuel Li

    I went for CleverLoop after working through a bunch of reviews for different camera based home security systems like Amcrest, Zmodo, Nest Cam, Arlo, FrontPoint, Canary and Piper. IMHO, CleverLoop blows them away based on the 4 simple things that I was looking for:
    – The number of cameras I could get
    – Being able to monitor outside
    – Additional smart and nice to have features
    – Price to buy and use
    I ended up buying a CleverLoop wireless security camera system with 2 indoor and 2 outdoor cameras and over the last couple of weeks I’ve had time to get it up and running and see how it performs. I have to say, I’m a big fan now!

    I didn’t just want 1 or 2 cameras as my house has quite a few windows at ground level and also has a driveway and a back yard. 4 seemed the right number. I put one in the front porch covering the porch and drive, one covering the backyard, one in my living room and one in a side room with a window that’s hidden from the street.
    If I’d have tried to get 4 cameras with Nest Cam, Canary or Piper, it was going to be very expensive. Like $300 to $500 more! So that simple test knocked out a few systems for me.

    My way of thinking is I’d rather catch a burglar outside my house than inside my house! This is why I got 2 outdoor cams as well as the 2 indoor ones.
    The CleverLoop system let me choose the type of wireless cameras in the kit. Quite a few of the other systems I looked at didn’t have the option for weatherproof outdoor cameras. Again, this made my shortlist a bit shorter.
    The other thing I found out only when setting up CleverLoop is that it has a special outdoor setting which makes sure my outdoor cams don’t send me alerts for every little thing that moves. It works great.

    A must have feature for me was cloud storage of activity the cameras pick up. No point recording what’s happening on only on an NVR or DVR, just to find it’s been stolen during a break in! This was a big feature that was missing with Zmodo and Amcrest – no cloud backup. On CleverLoop is a free feature that’s easy to use via my mobile app.
    Biggest nice to have and smart features for me are the geofencing and scheduling that I’m using to activate and disarm the system, all without having to do it manually each time – again the less smart and cheaper NVR systems don’t have this.
    But just like how NVR systems store everything that happens, I’ve plugged a hard drive into my CleverLoop and get continuous video feeds stored.
    Set up was also easy. Sure I had to initially set up the outdoor cameras with a data cable, but then once the cams connected to my wi-fi network I could unplug the cable and put them where I wanted them in the porch and out the back.
    It also turned out that my cameras needed some sort of update which the CleverLoop support guys did remotely for me – they’d be up there with the most responsive help desk I’ve ever used – something I saw in a few Amazon reviews and would certainly agree with.

    4. PRICE
    One thing that I kept in mind when deciding on which system to go for was definitely the ‘price’. Cleverloop seemed the most reasonable both to purchase and run year in, year out.
    My system was well priced compared to the other companies such as ADT and FrontPoint. Not only that, there aren’t any monthly fees. So given I’d have to let $30 – $50 a month fly out of my bank account for most other systems, CleverLoop made sense.
    So for me it came down to Arlo and CleverLoop. Funny, but I figured I already have to charge enough gadgets in my daily life without having to remember to charge battery powered cameras, so with CleverLoop being cable powered and less expensive than Arlo I went with CleverLoop.
    I guess overall I feel with CleverLoop I have a system that will both save me money and give me a sense of safety in the long term. It’s got the flexibility, camera options and smart features I need without the crazy charges I saw from others.

  2. mikeopitz

    I researched many different types and many different systems. Clever loop had the best options at the lowest cost. I have 2 base stations with six cameras covering 4600 sq my house. I get notifications if anyone comes near and can modify motion zones to stop false alarms. The best feature is the “geo-fencing” that turns itself on or off when I get home by sensing my gps location.

  3. Aaron

    My decision about which brand of camera system to choose was made fairly easy by the cost differences. With cleverloop I got more cameras for less money. Not being that great at technical stuff I was a bit worried when I read reviews about the problems that people were having setting the cameras up, and the lack phone support for the product, but most reviews were positive so I decided to give it a go.

    Setting up the cameras was the trickiest part and after a few tries with the instructions that came with the system, and looking at the camera answers of the support section of the cleverloop website (which was a bit too technical for me!) I submitted a support ticket.

    They got back to me very quickly, and apologized for the camera related support pages – apparently they are in the process of being rewritten. With the much simpler instructions that they gave me (it’s mostly about waiting longer than you think for the cameras to set themselves up) I had the whole system working fine about 2 hours after I put the support ticket in.

    Overall I’m very impressed with the product, it does exactly what I need it to. I’ve been showing it off to all our friends and some of them are now looking at buying a cleverloop themselves.

  4. E.Lau

    I chose Cleverloop’s system because it offers no monthly costs, ease, and flexibility for my needs.

    We have a dog at home and I enjoy the fact that Cleverloop has learning capability to reduce false alarms. I like that I don’t have to enter a keypad or app to arm/disarm every time I leave and return home since it has geolocation capabilities. I really like that it offers mobile support, video surveillance, and cloud-hosting without additional fees that other surveillance systems require.

    It also doesn’t require separate power outlets near the cameras, which really adds to the convenience. Many locations you would install surveillance cameras are not immediately near power outlets. I use POE with injectors/splitters to power the device. As an added bonus, it can even act like a baby monitor where you have modes to either listen or speak through the camera from your phone. The listen mode could use a filter (even in software) to reduce background noise though.

    Is it perfect? In short, no but I see its potential. The cameras are not 90 degree field of view as advertised, it’s somewhat narrower. The geofencing is still a work in progress but the support has been phenomenal. The in-app feedback button allows you to contact Cleverloop directly. Many times the founder, Jason, will respond, sometimes within minutes. While I understand this can only occur with a very small company during it’s growth, it’s nice to know the founder himself is aware of my feedback and will respond directly. In addition, when I’ve had issues with the geofencing, Jason had his dev team let me try an experimental build to see if it resolves my issue! This was within days of working with him, not weeks or months.

    I haven’t tried it on wifi but it’s nice to know it’s available. For best performance and stability you should wire any camera system directly. I prefer to wire using POE for freedom of proximity to an outlet, system reliability, and reduction of the amount of wifi devices in my home. Did you know that every wifi device connected to your router divides your wifi bandwidth by the number of devices?

  5. Oliver Smith

    I came across CleverLoop after searching for a new home security system. I liked the sound of the new video learning technology after being disappointed in one way or another by other systems (Nest Cam, Canary and a traditional IR motion sensor system). CleverLoop also won points because it analyzes all video footage locally and stores the important stuff both on an SD card and the cloud (which I’m given the option to disable).

    Setting it up was easy enough. The Base Station stays plugged into my router and the cameras only need to be plugged in once. The app has a guide with short video clips that show you what to do. Both the outdoor and indoor cameras came with their own mounts. The outdoor camera does a better job of monitoring my front yard than an indoor camera placed behind a window. I like that it also serves as a visible deterrent to would-be thieves.

    I prefer the interface of their app to other systems. It’s the easiest to navigate and bring up videos. You get shortened previews of clips which is useful as I found I was constantly reviewing footage of unimportant things on the others.

    What really sets CleverLoop apart is you only receive notifications that are actually important. You can still see all the other videos, but it doesn’t send you notifications for them making your phone buzz all day. I’ve got a cat and a dog and the system doesn’t notify me when they walk past, but I can still review their ‘movement’ or live stream the camera to check in on them.
    So that sealed the deal for me, although I’m still holding onto Canary to monitor air quality and temperature.

    Other good points:
    The geofencing feature works well. It arms when I leave and disarms when I come home from work.
    If I wanted to I could connect an external hard drive to record continuous footage.

    Bad points:
    CleverLoop doesn’t offer any kind of add-on sensors. Window and door sensors would be a good addition.
    If I needed more than 3 cameras I would have to buy another Base Station.

    Overall, I’m very happy with my CleverLoop system and would recommend it to anyone wanting to protect and monitor their home.

  6. BNewby

    The security system is very similar to others on the market, and set-up was a breeze. The app works, the camera’s night-vision is great, and, overall, this worked very well. I’ve had other camera systems–Belkin and D-Link–and this worked similarly. I wish they could coexist. As it is, the cameras are a huge investment and you have to essentially pick a horse. This is fine horse, but like all of these systems, there is a limitation on the number of cameras that will work with one base. This set-up is perfect for a smaller home.

    Of note, my shipment was incomplete. It was missing a camera and the support group hopped on that immediately and had my new camera sent to me very quickly. There probably won’t be many reviews related to support, so I wanted to stress that my experience in that regard was excellent.

  7. Heart Dad

    We’ve never owned a security system but a couple months ago our cars were broken into in our driveway and I decided to start looking. The maker of CleverLoop contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out their security camera kit in exchange for a review. The kit I received came with 1 indoor wireless security camera and 1 outdoor wireless security camera. Here is my list of pros/cons.

    + Everything looks really nice. I had no problem convincing my wife to let me put the camera in our living room corner.
    + Setup was dead simple. I was confused at first because it didn’t come with instructions but when I went to the website it told me you could only use it through the mobile app. I downloaded the Android version of the app and got both cameras setup in about 10 minutes. The instructions are presented to you through the mobile app and they were very clear and easy to follow.
    + Motion detection works great. I set up the camera so that it would only detect between midnight and 6am, then I walked in front of it a couple times after 12. Each of the times I went in front of the camera I was caught on clear video and you could see exactly what I was doing.
    + The picture quality is very nice and looks pretty good at night. I could easily make out faces and identify people at night time.
    + You can put a micro-sd card into the side of each camera to capture video but you don’t have to. If you don’t put a memory card in, just the events that look suspicious will be saved to the cloud.
    + When I’m out of town I can log into the cameras a see a live stream of my rooms and yard. I can switch between cameras and look at any events that might have happened while I was gone. Very nice.

    – It’s a little expensive but right in line with the competition.
    – This is a security monitoring system that captures video and detects motion. It saves the information to the cloud or a microSD so that you can access it later using your mobile. This is not a full blown security system that calls the police in-case of emergency. It would be nice if they later added on a monthly subscription for calling the police in-case of a break-in.

    Yes, it’s a little pricey but there’s no monthly fee and alerts are automatically backed up to the cloud. Even if someone stole the cameras they would be captured on video in the cloud. The system is high quality and does exactly what it says. Setup was a breeze and it’s run perfectly for the last month. In my opinion the product is well worth the cost. Highly recommended.

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