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Finally, a camera security system smart enough to learn what’s normal and only alert you to anything out of the ordinary.

No monthly fees, Available with indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras, and easy to set up.

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Cleverloop Enhanced 4 Camera – Security Evolved


Finally, a camera security system smart enough to learn what’s normal and only alert you to anything out of the ordinary. Available with indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras, and easy to set up, CleverLoop is perfect for homes, apartments and businesses.

  • 1 Hub
  • 2 External Cameras
  • 2 Internal Cameras


  • IOS and Android security apps put control in your hands.
  • Convenience of system auto-arm and disarm using phone’s GPS location.
  • Instant smartphone video alerts for important activities.
  • Never wonder what’s happening, see it with live camera viewing.
  • Privacy intact, as footage analysis is done locally.


cleverloop features

Keep an eye on your home from Anywhere

Just like a CCTV system or DVR surveillance system records footage and allows someone to live view their cameras or watch recordings, CleverLoop’s continuous storage features and app live view function perform the same duty. Many people, in both homes and businesses, are using CleverLoop as a CCTV system, but are loving the extras that it offers!

Simply by plugging an external hard drive into the back of a CleverLoop Base Station, users gain the ability to record continuous footage from each of their cameras. And depending on the size of hard drive and number of cameras, this can be months’ worth of footage. Plus the system auto deletes the oldest footage as it goes, so the memory is never full.

Instant alerts & notifications Via your phone

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4 reviews for Cleverloop – Enhanced 4 Camera System

  1. victor anthony maceda

    The best diy security system out there. It is very strong in features, total cost of ownership and quality of product. I would always recommend this over arlo, panasonic and belkin’s solution

  2. John Blakey

    Have had it for a few weeks now and system has performed admirably when put through its paces. Great support each time I have had to reach out to them. Beats hands down systems that charge monthly fees for monitoring. Would be perfect if the base system could support more than its current limit of four cameras. Had to buy a second base setup for the additional cameras I required.

  3. Thanks for the help

    Here’s what I was looking for in a security camera set-up:
    1] Have an android app that the two of us could use.
    2] Be relatively secure and utilize the cloud.
    3] Once up and running take minimal effort to maintain.
    4] Not be so invasive that it captures our every movement.
    5] Not require running wires all over our 2 story house i.e. have wireless capabilities.
    6] Have exterior cameras that are weatherproof, have night vision, have a reasonable range of view, have good clarity and are triggered with movement.
    7] Have one indoor and three outdoor cameras.
    8] Not have monthly fees.
    9] Not break the bank.
    10] Have accessible support.

    I ended up purchasing the three outdoor camera Cleverloop system a couple of weeks ago. I initially had purchased a couple of Arlo cameras since they were battery operated, but found them too limited and slow to respond.

    Here’s my opinion on the Cleverloop system:
    1] The android app is easy enough to work with and we have flexibility on who and how many people will have access to it. I haven’t figured everything out, but can do everything that is important to me.
    2] There is cloud storage available for those things you define as alerts. You are limited to 10 seconds per alert. I would like have the option to extend that time slightly but you can capture a lot of information in those 10 seconds. If someone gets on a ladder and takes a camera or even the base station, they won’t be able to access the cloud storage.
    3] The system has been stable so far. I haven’t had to reset anything. Occasionally when using the app it hangs momentarily but I blame my wireless setup and phone more than Cleverloop shortcomings.
    4] I really like that the system can be set up to recognize when we are home. It does this by recognizing that our cellphones are within a radius that we define. I can easily override that setting to set all or just selected cameras active at night.
    5] I initially thought I would do two cameras wired via POE and one wireless, but ended up going all wireless. This meant I had to crawl in the garage attic and run a few feet of electrical wire and get a used wireless extender. But it was easier in the long run.
    6] The cameras are excellent. Nice and solid and rated to keep out water and dust. I would have preferred to have a field of view of at least 90-degree vs 60-degree that it comes with, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. You can select to record in HD or not. I chose “not” to get better response with my wireless setup.
    7] Due to budgetary restraints I only went with the three outdoor cameras to give coverage to the long driveway, front porch and back deck. I know I’ll spend a bit more later, but the indoor camera will have to wait for now. I’ll add to this review if I get the indoor camers.
    8] There aren’t any monthly fees. The cloud storage isn’t held forever, but is free. That’s a great deal actually.
    9] With three cameras, the average cost per camera is very competitive, even when I factor in a few bucks for the electrical I installed and $40 for the used Wi-Fi extender.
    10] I would prefer to have a well designed manual, but the FAQ set up on the website is ok. You can’t call a live person, but the three times I emailed support they got back to me in a few hours. What was lost in response time was made up for with the support reps knowledge and help. FOLLOW UP – I have had the system for a few weeks and it I still doing what it is advertised to do. The biggest issue was user error. Any system issues were quickly resolved. To the reviewer who claims that the positive Amazon reviews must be bogus, I can only say that indeed I am a real person who who is using the product and am happy with it.

  4. eric roland

    Better than a lot of other expensive cameras out there in the market. I had issues with the setup however the app is resourced to help with most issues thus the 4 stars.

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