Cleverloop – Starter 2 Camera System

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Finally, a camera security system smart enough to learn what’s normal and only alert you to anything out of the ordinary.

No monthly fees, Available with indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras, and easy to set up.

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Cleverloop Starter 2 Camera System – Security Evolved


Finally, a camera security system smart enough to learn what’s normal and only alert you to anything out of the ordinary. Available with indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras, and easy to set up, CleverLoop is perfect for homes, apartments and businesses.


  • IOS and Android security apps put control in your hands.
  • Convenience of system auto-arm and disarm using phone’s GPS location.
  • Instant smartphone video alerts for important activities.
  • Never wonder what’s happening, see it with live camera viewing.
  • Privacy intact, as footage analysis is done locally.


cleverloop features

Keep an eye on your home from Anywhre

Just like a CCTV system or DVR surveillance system records footage and allows someone to live view their cameras or watch recordings, CleverLoop’s continuous storage features and app live view function perform the same duty. Many people, in both homes and businesses, are using CleverLoop as a CCTV system, but are loving the extras that it offers!

Simply by plugging an external hard drive into the back of a CleverLoop Base Station, users gain the ability to record continuous footage from each of their cameras. And depending on the size of hard drive and number of cameras, this can be months’ worth of footage. Plus the system auto deletes the oldest footage as it goes, so the memory is never full.

Instant alerts & notifications Via your phone

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3 reviews for Cleverloop – Starter 2 Camera System

  1. Lynette Ryan

    I was looking for a seriously smart home security system and I found it.
    The stand out for me with CleverLoop is how quickly it learns to ignore movements that don’t matter, yet still lets me know when something important is happening. The other features it comes with simply make it even better to use.
    ** Price ** 4/5 stars
    I bought a CleverLoop with 3 cameras, so comparing it to other self-install, smart monitoring systems with this many cams, it was really good value. Price wise, it knocked the professionally installed camera systems I looked at out of the park as well. I could have bought a cheaper DIY systems, but they are CHEAP.
    **Set Up** 4/5
    Getting the Base Station and cameras installed was straight forward. The instruction page that came with the unit could have had more detail as it pretty much just said download the app, but the app itself, wow! It more than made up for this shortfall with easy to follow videos for each step I needed to follow.
    ** Using the App ** 5/5
    Everything is controlled from the app, but now everything is set up, I mainly just use the app to view the occasional alert and check out what my cat is up to when I’m at work. I actually hadn’t had a video alert to my phone for a few days, so I turned off geofencing just to check the system was working. Sure enough, home from work and my phone beeps with a video of me walking through the front door.
    ** Number of False Alarms ** 5/5
    Even after just a few days, the system pretty much ignored my cat, which is more than I can say for the cheap DVR system I previously had which featured really bad motion detection (yep, it detected all motion!). I think CleverLoop’s learning feature is pretty much the stand out for me.
    ** Geofencing ** 5/5
    It works and means I don’t have to bother turning the system on and off manually. Nice to have.
    ** Cloud Storage ** 5/5
    Not having to pay for cloud storage is great. It’s easy to access and seems very reliable. 7 days of storage is all I need because, without paying, I can use the app to share my video clips using email, What’s App, YouTube or put them in DropBox.

  2. berry24

    Great system for the price. Few bugs, but always being updated and improved. Great customer service too!

  3. customer

    Cleverloop A+++ , great picture, great price in home security would recommend this system with ease of app and setup!!

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