Wireless Drive Way Sensor | Plugin Chime Kit (Double)

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– Get instant notification as soon as someone enters the perimeter of your garden or driveway

– Easy driveway sensor installation with ball and socket rotatable mounting plate for range and direction adjustments.

– Designed and optimised for performance and battery lifespan (Driveway Sensor)

– High quality speaker with 4 volume levels and visual alert via LED light on chime. Each sensor can be programmed to have a different chime

– Expandable system – allowing for additional bells, receivers and sensors to be connected


Kit Includes:

2x Driveway sensors

1x receiver / chime

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The mydome Wireless Drive Way Sensor alerts you the moment someone enters the perimeter of your property.

A battery powered PIR transmitter connects to the wireless doorbell chime.

Plug the receiver into a standard wall outlet and attach the wireless sensor outside using the fixings provided.


Our Solution to Increased Car Theft

Designed & Built for UK Homes

Our sensor uses state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) to detect any movement within the detection zone. Perfect for driveways and gardens providing you with an immediate alert when guests (or intruders) arrive.

The sensor is IP55 weatherproof to cope with the UK weather. It has a high power transmission strength to cope with solid brick walls. The receiver plugs into a standard UK plug socket it contains a powerful receiver and high quality speaker.

The sensor can also be combined with our door bell so the same chime will alert you to a visitor to the property and to your door. You can assign different tones to each sensor so you can differentiate which was activated.




















Can also be used for

  • An intruder alert
  • Garage tool shed / van alarm
  • Front Garden or walkway detection
  • Hidden Alleyways or access areas
  • Back Gardens
  • Supply closet alarm


  1. matt berry

    Great unit and works well
    Let’s us know when someone on our property 👍

  2. Mr

    Delivered extremely quickly, easy to set up and fix. After one day working extremely well, can’t judge longevity but looking at the external build quality I expect it to be fine.

  3. Steve (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, easy to install and does the job perfectly. Happy customer.

  4. Chris johnson (verified owner)

    First saw these on amazon good reviews. Decided to look on there web site. £5 cheaper free post.had them cheaper things first that look like normal censors what a load of crap.never work right from day one alarm going of with every fart. Batteries last no longer than a chocolate
    Fire guard, Sooo i thought id give these a go ( good reviews) why not, just one word megga.not going off all the time brilliant. Apparently they have a thing built into them that makes them not go off first sign of an intruder or what ever your trying to protect. Think they have to be triggered few times first before they trigger. ( +), got these well before Christmas 2019 batteries still going strong so far,alarm plugs in to a socket so no battery issue there. Suppose keep up to date with the batteries in the censors, I’d like to think they’d last a year will what else can i say….. BOOOOOOM done. Wish they’d make a wireless outdoor panic alarm cheap. You will not be disappointed.

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