Light Switch Timer

The Light Switch Timer is a timer for the light switch on your Wall.

The Light Switch Timer makes your home look realistically occupied, by allowing you to program your main lights to go on and off whilst you are out.

install timer switch on wall mydome
Quick & Easy to install
no-wiring light switch timer
No wiring is required at all
mydome light switch timer light-bulb
Works on any type of light bulb
timer light switch gang-switches
Works with 1, 2 or 3 gang switches
mydome light switch timer battery
2 year battery life

Product Features

• Installation in 1 minute, no need to change the light switch and no requiring wiring
• Can be used to on single, double or triple Light switches
• Works with any type of light fitting or light bulb including energy saving bulbs, CFLS and LEDs
• 7 day digital timer, with up to 9 programs per day – featuring three modes – random, pre-programmed and manual
• The Light Switch Timer is approved & recommended by The Police through their Secured by Design crime prevention initiative

CLF LED Timer siwtch light

Added Security – when you are out.

The Mydome Light switch timer is designed to make your home look occupied.

With 4 out of 5 burglaries occurring when there’s no-one at home.

The light switch timer will help keep your home safe by making it look like you are home.

Multiple application

It’s always nice to come home to a welcoming light on in the house.
• Porch, or landscape lighting
• Security and garden lights
• A light for your Pets
• Holiday homes or Vacant properties
• Shops and offices to save energy.

Timer Switch for lights

Invest in a Light Switch Timer for added security and peace of mind and never return to a dark home again.

Secure By Design Accredited

Remember burglars don’t have day jobs

Leaving a visible light on during the day alerts that you are out and won’t be back till late.

100% Happy Guarantee

Our timer light switch is built to last.

We are so confident that you will like our new Light Switch Timer we offer a 100% Happy Guarantee.

So if you not completely satisfied simply return it to us for a full refund.

We will even cover the return postage costs.

holiday timer light

When The Clocks Go Back Burglaries Increase by 38%

Invest in a Light Switch Timer for added security and peace of mind and never return to a dark home again.

A: The Light Switch Timer has been tested on all “standard” light switches.

If your light switch is similar to ones below then you will be able to control them with our Light Switch Timer.

Compatible with single, double and triple standard switches

The Light Switch Timer is not compatible with:

  • Large Brass switches Ornamental switches larger then 9cm across
  • Flat plat or low profile switches
  • Dimmer switches

The Dimensions are Height 130mm * Width 95mm * Depth 53mm

A: Yes on double or triple gang switches you can place either one or two or three control wheels on the switches you want to operate. So you can choose to only operate one switch on a three gang switch.

A: You will not be accessing or exposing any wiring during the installation process – it is however, always a good precaution before attempting any installation to turn off the electricity supply at the main fuse box during installation of the cradle.

A: First check the wheels go up & down when the on off button is pressed.

Ensure the wheel is installed in the correct slot for the switch you want to operate.

After you have checked the above you may need to install the small the “n” shaped plastic insert into the cradle before reinstalling.

The unit should now successfully operate your switch.

Should you still have trouble just get in touch.

A: Absolutely! You can view it here.

A: Check you selected the correct day & have set the AM PM correctly.

Ensure the wheel is positioned in the correct slot for the switch you are using.

Ensure the unit is set to run in Auto mode.

Pressing and holding the Hour Button for five seconds will switch between AUTO & Manual.

A small black line on top of the word “AUTO” means the Auto mode is not running.

A: Yes, that is the great thing about the Light Switch Timer, it works regardless of the light bulbs you use.

Check The Light Switch Timer Manuals

If you are interested to know in details you can check the technical details and operation manuals clicking the button below.

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