Light Switch Timer | Police Approved Retro Fit Timer Switch - A No Wiring Home Security Lighting & Burglar Deterrent

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– A retro fit timer that installs in 1 minute and requires no wiring – Simply fits over your existing light switch

– A light timer that works with any type of light fitting or light bulb including energy saving bulbs, CFLS and LEDs

– Can be used on single, double or triple gang light switches

– Home security 7 day digital timer, with up to 9 programs per day – featuring three modes – random, pre-programmed and manual

– The Light Switch Timer is approved & recommended by The Police through their Secured by Design crime prevention initiative

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SBD certification date 2014 – 2021

Light Switch Timer by mydome

Protect your home, when you’re out

The Timer Switch is an easy and reliable way to program your existing light switch into a programmable light switch

A dark home looks like an empty home

4 out of 5 burglaries occur when there’s no-one at home. A dark home or dimly lit lamps are signs that a home is an easy house to target.

  • When the mains lights are on burglars assume someone is at home
  • Deter a burglar before he even thinks about targetting your home
  • The Light Switch Timer will give you that added security and peace of mind.
timer switch for lights mydome
The practical upgrade to the traditional timer plug
  • Police Approved & Actively Recommended through their Secured by Design initiative
Strong Features With Long Lasting Benefits
Easy DIY installation – Less than a miniute

The retro fit timer has been designed to be easily installed and removed when not in use

No wiring required

Electrician free solution

The light switch timer can be used by any individual with no prior knowledge or expertise needed

Compatible with all bulb types

The patented design means the timer switch will work with all bulbs such as:

  • Energy saving bulbs
  • CFLS
  • LEDs
Works with 1,2 or 3 gang switches

Allows the user to easily move the light switch timer to different switches and create different lighting illusions so no visible pattern is detectable.

On multiple gang switches the user can choose which switches are activated / programmable.

Ideal for switches that control:

  • Landing
  • Hallway
  • Porch
2 Year battery life – with low battery indicator

Low energy use allows the user to benefit from an extended battery lifetime without having to frequently change batteries.

  • A low battery indicator on the LCD screen warns the user that batteries should be changed soon. (particularly useful if the product is being used unattended for an extended period of time)
7 day timer for weekly programming

7 day digital timer, with up to 9 programs per day. Programmes can be grouped across days or set for different times across individual days.

Installation – 3 Easy Steps
retro fit timer for lights - mydome
1. Loosen screws

Not compatible with:

  • Flat/Flush light switches
  • Dimmer switches,
  • 4 gang light switches,
  • 1960’s retro rocker switch
  • Narrow / slim line light switch

(View listing images for illustrated examples)

light switch timer installation
2. Install the timer

Place the light switch timer control unit in to the cradle provided

light switch timer programming mydome
3. Programme your lights

Three modes

  • Manual (Normal on/off operation of switch)
  • Pre-programmed (Build a personal timetable)
  • Random (A programme that turns lights on/off once a night between the hours of 1 – 5am at random throughout the week)

Online videos can be found for programming

Designed To Be Used For
home security lighting mydome
The dark winter months

A light welcoming you home in the dark winter months

The retro fit easy-to-install device is perfect when you’re out late, away on holiday or don’t want to come home to a dark house.

mydome dog - do you leave a light on for your pet

Do you leave a light on for your pet?

Ideal for all pets left at home in the dark specifically dogs and cats.

Rather than keep lights on all day for our pets simply programme lights to turn on once its dark

holiday home security mydome
Holiday homes or vacant rental properties

Battery operated security timer switch allows you to have your house lights come on and off at different times on different days to make it appear like your home is occupied.

(24/7 time function capabilities)

Porch, security and landscape lighting mydome
Porch, security and landscape lighting

light switch timer is also great for making sure the lights turn off when they are not required for landscape lighting and external security lights

53 reviews for Light Switch Timer | Police Approved Retro Fit Timer Switch – A No Wiring Home Security Lighting & Burglar Deterrent

  1. Doug Carhart.

    If I have an Electricity power cut will it wipe out the pre selected timings on my switch.

    • mydome (verified owner)

      Hi Doug,

      The light switch timer is battery operated device and therefore works independently to the mains power supply. If you experience a power cut the light switch timer will remain active and so will all your timetabled programmes. Your programmes will only be erased if the batteries are removed for more than one minute or if you decide to change them yourself.

      I hope this helps but if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

      Many thanks,
      Customer service team

  2. Dougie

    One of the best security devices I have ever bought very easy to install and very easy to set up and also a good price

  3. W Kimble

    We have 2 outside lights a nice porch light and a garage flood light. It always seemed a waste to have them both on at the same time. So I have this setup so that the floodlight comes on at midnight for security when the other one goes off. It has been working a treat for a number of weeks now with no issues and took seconds to setup.

    This is a fantastic gadget which is very easy to use. It works on a normal light switch and turns the switch on and off according to preset times by means of a small wheel/cog powered by standard AA batteries. It allows you to time a main light to turn on and off when you are out avoiding the need to plug in a lamp. A much better idea, especially if you have pets that could knock a lamp over. You can easily override the timer by pushing an on/off switch on the unit. It is installed simply by slipping a plastic cradle over a light switch and the placing the timer unit in the cradle with the cog wheel lined up with the switch. The unit can stay in place continuously or be removed if desired. It does make a whirring noise turning the switch on and off but it is only a second or so of noise. There are 9 separate programme opportunities over 7 days allowing almost any combinations of timings on different days. There is also a random function which turns the light on in the night at random times for about 3 minutes each time. This is useful if you are away as it mimics someone getting up in the middle of the night for a comfort break. I would suggest not using this feature if you are at home otherwise the noise might disturb you. The unit can be adjusted to move 1, 2 or 3 cogs at the same time depending on how many rocker switches are on the light control.

    • Dougie

      One of the best security devices I have ever bought very easy to install and very easy to set up and also a good price

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