TV Simulator An Anti-Burglar and Theft Deterrent with an LED Light Timer & Sensor

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– Create the impression your sitting at home watching TV to deter burglars. This little box simulates the changing light patterns from a 32″ TV

– A home security visual deterrent to intruders/ burglars

– Realistic TV simulation, red green and blue lights flicker and fade giving the illusion that someone is at home watching TV

– Built in light sensors with 5 settings: on, dusk +2 hours dusk +4 hours, dusk +6 hours and off

– Small & effective – Easy to use straight out of the box – can be stored on a shelf or wall mounted

– Low energy consumption – 2 Watts power usage the same as a night light. LED life reaches up to 30000 hours – 18 month guarantee

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home security lighting mydome

Create the illusion that someone is sat watching television

Home security

The mydome Fake TV – Is a small LED based device that creates and mimics the light effect of a TV screen.

Reducing the risk of being targeted compared to a dark empty home.

  • Energy saving LEDs flicker and fade randomly with colour pattern changes to replicate the light output of a real television.
  • Built in light sensors with 5 settings: On, Dusk +2 hours Dusk +4 hours, Dusk +6 hours and off
  • It automatically turns on when dark outside (0.5 lux) and automatic shuts-off at the end of the selected duration
mydome home security - a dark home looks like an empty home
Greatly reduces your risk of being burgled

The fake TV / TV simulator can be used with a timer / smart plug to turn on and off multiple times during the evening.

Perfect For:

  • Holidays or when away on business travel
  • Vacant houses – holiday homes or landlord unoccupied properties / homes
  • Winter evening or evenings out
Complimentory mydome Home Security Products That Work Well With the TV Simulator
secured by design mydome home security
Products Endorsed & Recommended by The Police

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit

light switch timer mydome security lighting deterrent
Light Switch Timer

The practical upgrade to the traditional timer plug

  • A retro fit timer that installs in 1 minute and requires no wiring – Simply fits over your existing light switch on the wall
  • 7 day digital timer, with up to 9 programs per day – featuring three modes – random, pre-programmed and manual

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mydome driveway sensor alarm motion sensor PIR sensor
Driveway Alarm, Shed Alarm & Garden Sensor Kit

Alerts you the moment someone enters the perimeter of your property

  • The receiver plugs into a standard UK plug socket. It contains a powerful receiver and high quality speaker.
  • Our sensor uses a passive-infrared (PIR) to detect any movement.


[Search: mydome driveway sensor]

44 reviews for TV Simulator An Anti-Burglar and Theft Deterrent with an LED Light Timer & Sensor

  1. shopwhatever

    Works well, seems good quality.

  2. Peter

    This fake TV is a simple and practical way to deter thieves. The concept is similar to leaving the lights on but more believable. It works well – it does look a lot like a TV from outside and it really could put off thieves. It shocks me to just think how this cheap little device could potentially save you thousands of pounds.

    The first thing you notice is that the device is really small – certainly smaller than I anticipated. It’s only about 3″ x 3″ in size, not much bigger than a plug, and it’s pretty thin too. I was concerned something so small would be unable to generate enough light but I was pleasantly surprised – it’s very bright and, when placed far enough from the window, it definitely does look quite realistic. If the curtains are shut then you should place it closer to the window so the light can still penetrate through and so it still looks as realistic.

    The device also has a light sensor that will make it automatically switch on as soon as it gets dark and then stay on for either 4 or 7 hours, this can be set manually. I tested the sensor out last night and had no issues – it turned on and off exactly as expected. Alternatively, you can have it stay on all the time, in which case you could attach it to a timer plug thus removing the reliance on the sensors and giving you even more control.

    When switched on, the device becomes illuminated and this illumination changes intensity at quick random intervals, simulating the light flickering effect of a TV. Multiple colours are shown at the same time and the size of the lit up regions alternates, so it isn’t simply a rainbow colour changing light – it’s much more realistic.

    The device itself consumes very little power and is very safe; I left it on all day and its temperature hadn’t changed at all, so there’s likely no danger of it overheating while you’re away. It’s also very light and compact so it’s really easy to store away / hide. The light can be tilted as required too to get the best angle if unable to place at the same level of the window (e.g. you could put it on the floor and point it up)

    To test out the device, I turned off all the lights in my front room late at night, closed the window blinds, then pointed the device so it shone directly at the closed blinds. I then went outside and observed the house from the outside public path, as if I were a passer-by. I can gladly report that it’s very convincing. From outside, it really does look as if someone is watching TV in the room.

    This is a very good security device to add to your house. The way it simulates a switched on TV is undoubtedly convincing enough to put a seed of doubt into the mind of any potential burglar. It’s a smarter way of making an empty house appear occupied compared to just turning on the lights and I highly recommend it as an addition to your security setup, especially if leaving for holidays etc.
    A great quality premium product and highly recommend too!!!

  3. DC

    Excellent product
    works even better when paired with a 24hr timer

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