Clocks go back – Its time to programme those lights

During the dark winter months the clocks go back 1 hour and nights get longer. Our homes are left exposed in the dark for allot longer than we would like – but they don’t have to be!

Which home would you target if you was a burglar?

Dont worry if your working from home – its nice to see the porch or garden lights turn on when it gets dark.

Its time to secure your home easily with our quick programming guide for your light switch timer.

Light Switch Timer – Quick programming guide

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Setting the clock – quick programming guide

  • press enter – then use the day/ hour / min buttons until correct time is displayed.
  • Press enter


  • Press prog button select the day / hour /min you want the light(s) to turn on – press enter
  • Then select the day / hour /min you want it to turn off – press enter
  • Press prog to complete

*To select multiple days continue pressing the day button. You can select groups of days so a single program can turn lights on every day at the same time.

*Repeat for as many programs as you want.

Additional features

How do I stop my programmed schedule from running without erasing all the programmes manually?

By holding down the hour button for 10 seconds you will see a bar appear on top of the word ‘Auto’ on your LCD screen. This signifies that your saved programmes are not active. The programmed timetable still remains in the memory of your light switch timer for the next time you wish to use it. In order to activate the programmes again please press the hour button until the word ‘Auto’ no longer has a bar above it.

This feature is ideal because it allows you to keep your light switch timer on the wall all the time using only the manual On/Off feature  like a normal switch.  Activate your programmes only when they are needed without having to create a new timetable each time.

Can I change the temperature from degree’s Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Holding down the Min button for 10 seconds toggles between the two different temperature units of measure.

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7 thoughts on “Clocks go back – Its time to programme those lights”

  1. In idle mode, with Auto disabled, how long would you expect the batteries to last for ?

    1. Hi Graham

      the clock & Lcd alone use very little power, Ive had one in the office for a few years now on the original set of batteries.
      When used 10 times daily the batteries usually last 2 years so with only the clock i suspect the batteries would go for at least double that duration as the motor is the highest draining element.
      Mydome team.

  2. It’s a good product but it would be really useful if the settings were stored in a chip that didn’t lose there values the instant the batteries are disconnected.
    I don’t keep mine in the holder most of the time so I can use the 3 way switch as normal but the batteries do become disconnected quite easily so you lose all your settings.

    1. Hi.

      The settings should remain stored when the batteries are changed – you do need to reinstall the batteries in under a minute or so.

      Quite surprised your batteries are falling out – we normally get issues with them being too tight if anything – just try to ensure when you push them in the springs are fully compressed in the centre of the battery – it may be they are being push out by the spring.

      do let us know if that helps.

      1. OK thank you.
        That work as you say, if you are quick.
        As I typically only use it at weekends, I have been taking the batteries out to conserve them and then having to re-programme each time.

  3. Hi,
    Is there an automatic Summer/Winter switch, and if so, how do I set it?
    It means that all my on/off timings go wrong if I’m away over a clock change period.
    You do say “During the dark winter months the clocks go back 1 hour and nights get longer. ” so you do recognise this, but I cannot see any way to account for this in the programming.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Unfortunately the light switch timer clock has to be manually changed.

      There is no pre-defined setting that allows for the automatic transition from Winter to Summer.

      I apologise for any convenience this may cause. Your suggestion will defiantly be forwarded on to the development team.

      Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

      Kind regards,
      Oliver Queen

      Customer service team
      mydome, Switched On Products

      0203 6370856

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