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Should You Leave A Light On When You Go Away On Holiday?

Police and security experts would all say yes, but which lights should you leave on.

Lamps, how effective are they? Holiday

Its a well known fact that burglars prefer to target empty homes. So to minimise the risk of being targeted whilst your away it makes sense to make it look like your home is occupied. Lighting has been highlighted as the most effective way to create this illusion of presence when away. However it is important to remember that maintaining the same lighting routine as normal is integral for the illusion to really work.

To give an example If you always use the mains lights when at home having your hallway lit with a small lamp may just be a tell-tale sign that your actually away.

The smarter solution is to time the lights you use on a daily basis, i.e. the mains lights.  Why bother setting artificial lights on timers when you can just as easily programme your mains lights at home.  With different mains lights coming on and off it really does look like your moving around the home

We recommend setting two of your mains lights to go on and off whilst your away. This helps build the illusion that your not just home but your actively moving around it. Programme your downstairs lights go off when you normally head upstairs and program the bedroom to come on. The trick is to mimic your normal routine so nothing looks different in your absence.

Setting lights to turn on and off multiple times a day across a 7 day week helps reinforce the idea your still there. Programme your lights on a minute to minute basis so no light is turning on at an identical time across multiple days of the week when your away.

Which Lights should you leave on when you go away?

You want to recreate the lights you use when you are at home.  This means you should have at least a couple of lights turning on and off, multiple times in the evening.  A simple lamp in the Hall really inst going to make a burglar think you are home.

Think like a burglar.

Don’t give them any reason to stop outside your home and investigate.

Lighting up the front of you home will also stop them wanting to hang around outside your home and risk being seen. Most outside lights if not on a sensor are connected to a wall switch inside the home. So if you have external security lighting – it is a good idea to put them on a timer too.


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