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Timer Plugs – Keeping Your Home Safe When You Go On Holiday

Many people use timer plugs to leave a light on when they go on holiday

Timer plug advantages

timer plug

  • Give the appearance of being in when you’re out.
  • Turn lights, radios, etc on or off even when you’re not there.
  • can be programmed to switch the connected appliance ‘On’ and ‘Off’

But using timer plugs when you’re away also means

  • You have to use a lamp
  • Potentially means leaving lamps in places where they could be a fire hazard
  • Means you are not able to turn all the sockets off at the mains
  • Can make it look obvious you have left a lamp on a timer as you are away from home.
  • that annoying clicking noise they make


Timer plugs work well when you have a bed site lamp or a light in the study or that you would usually use in the evenings but putting a lamp in the hall way is a real no no as it can be a real giveaway.

The smarter solution is to time the lights you use on a daily basis. Why bother setting artificial lights on timers when you can just as easily program a couple of main lights in your home to go on and off to make it look like your moving about the house.

This way no on will suspect your away and wont draw any unwanted attention to your home.

Why not just leave the light on before you go out?

This is actually a really bad idea as it sends a clear signal to burglars that you’re not in and won’t be back till after dark.

Think about it – burglars don’t have day jobs and any one walking down the road seeing a visible light on during the day will know that you may not be home and likely wont be back till after dark.


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