Make your home look occupied and reduce the risk of burglary

January Sees Burglaries Peak

Get ready for the January blues and to send out the red alert for cat burglars.

Christmas has come and gone and your home is full of new exciting goodies. Flat screen plasma televisions and games consoles, coffee machines and new smaller than your remote mobile phones. You’re the absolute thrilled showing off your new gear to all your friends and family. But whilst you’re demonstrating all your new gadgets and gizmos just who else is getting a fleeting glimpse of your sparkling new merchandise?

Despite being the quietest month when it comes to shopping trips and other events burglaries have the tendency behave in the exact opposite direction. With new games and gadgets on show in all homes around the country thieves are on high alert to target any easy catches when they are left unguarded. However there are some measures that you can take to ensure your home is as safe as it can be, whether you’re at home or not.

A really obvious first step is to keep all high profile items out of sight. Whether it’s hidden by a closed door or tucked in a dresser drawer. Placing a plasma television in full view near a window is definitely not a good idea. One reason is the frontal view seen by all offending eyes, the other being the glare from the sunshine on the screen.

Just because thieves can’t see the items it doesn’t mean that they’re not there. It also doesn’t mean they won’t try looking for it. Locking your windows is just as important if not more than locking your doors. Even though doors are first port of calls, windows are commonly used to prevent leaving any trace of entrance points to the building. Always check every window in the house before you leave even if it will be just a five minute trip. If your day has come that five minutes will be all it takes to lose your favourite Christmas presents and more.

For a cheap deterrent to stop thieves breaking in many residents try leaving radios on during the day and a timer light on during the evening. A solution which gives off the impression of either people talking, or watching TV in the room next door. A lot of burglaries are purely for items and pricey merchandise so contact with people is often avoided at all costs.

For those who can afford it a burglar alarm is a good deterrent. Some can be fitted yourself or fitted by a professional.

Do take a moment to Log the serial numbers of your new possessions, the IMEI number of your phone and put your postcode on valuable items with a UV pen.  Also update your insurance company if you have made any particularly large purchases to ensure your insurance cover is not affected. There are a number of stories of people not getting paid out because they have forgotten to do this.

Taking in all these measures the January blues won’t be on you but on the burglars instead. Keep your belongings locked up and safe.


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