British Gas Connected Home light switch

British Gas Connected Homes – Timer switch

British Gas Connected Home Light Switch

On September 26th, British Gas Connected Homes Group hosted a pitch event & showcase for 25 start ups from around the world with innovative products or services in the home energy sector.

British Gas Connected HomeLight Switch Timer was selected to showcase our new product to the panel of industry experts which include Baroness Martha Lane-Fox of Soho; businesswomen; philanthropist and member of the House of Lords.

For more information on the British Gas Connected Homes Group and to view the other brilliant products featured in the event Click Here


Set up by British Gas in 2012, we were given a simple mission: to make the connected home a reality for everyone and not just the technophiles amongst us. We’re here to give customers more control over their lives and homes by providing products that are beautiful in their simplicity and design.

British Gas has entered the Connected home with new products for heating to plugs to sensors, Hive makes it easy to control everyday things from your phone.

Hive Light Switch





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