Allot of people ask if you really need a timer switch and if they work as a burglar deterrent. Timer Switches Work by either mechanically or electronically switching the electricity supply.  People often want to program lights to turn on and off whilst they are away from home ; either for security or for the convenience of having a light on when they return home.

What Types of timer can i use on my lights?

Hard wired timers require rewiring a new timer switch which will then use the electricity supply to power the lights.  Alternatively a timer is plugged into an electricity socket to control a lamp.  The third option is a light switch timer which can be install over your existing light switch.

Are Timer Switches a useful burglar deterrent.

The police certainly think so, statistics would also suggest the same with burglaries increasing over a third during the long winter months.  Not many people sit int he dark so it does stand to reason that a Dark house looks like an empty house.

QUESTION:  If you leave early in the day know that you won’t be back until after dark, why cant you leave your lights on all day so there’s a light on when I come home?  Why do I need a timer switch?

ANSWER: Do not leave your porch light on during the day as it simply a sign that you are not in and wont be back till late.  Leaving a visible light on during the day only signals a burglar that you are out and intend to be gone until after dark. 

Criminals know from experience that people leave their lights on during the day when they intend to be gone all day until after dark.  Daylight burglaries are also more common now and the light is like an invitation to the criminals.  

It is better to use a timer switch or dusk to dawn sensor which will turn the lights on whether you’re home or not.  This way the burglars will not know for sure whether you’re at home or not.

QUESTION:  Why can’t I just leave my lights off.  

ANSWER:  Leaving no lights off when its dark makes it clear you are not home.  So think about it, if you’re a burglar are you going to go for a dark house or a house with the main lights on.

QUESTION:  I have an alarm.  

ANSWER:  An alarm is really essential – but the light act as the first line of defence and a light may help protect your property from the damage caused by attempted entry.

QUESTION:  Isn’t leaving a light on a waste of energy..  

ANSWER:  Using today’s efficient energy saving light bulbs and LEDs mean light bulbs use very little energy. So you should only be using a few Watts for a few hours

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