Montreal Smoke and Fire Alarm Detector For Quick Fire Detection

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– Photoelectric sensing technology – For quick detection of all fire types: Detects slow smouldering fires + rapid rise in temperature. A fast response to all fire types.

– A self-checking sensor with a clear audio notification – Uses a purpose built smoke alarm chip designed by leading chip designer and manufacturer Microchip Technologies to guarantee dependability and safety

-Easy installation and maintenance with a sleek low-profile housing design – Unlike traditional smoke alarms the Montreal smoke alarm has been designed to complement the interior design of any modern home without looking out of place

-Lithium battery powered smoke alarm (battery Included and is not replaceable) – Once installed all the premium components ensure that fire safety is the only concern

– Low battery / end of life warning signal verifies alarm status – 10 years of uninterrupted fire and smoke safety. 5 year guarantee & lifetime support


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The Mydome Standalone smoke alarm – Montréal
A reliable smoke detector

Very sensitive to small particles of smoke produced by fast flaming fires, such as paper and wood, and will detect this type of fire before the smoke gets too thick.

The smoke alarm has a “hush” buttons

For use where false alarms can be a nuisance e.g. when cooking.

The alarm lets you know it’s been silenced by “chirping” – while a real fire producing lots of smoke will set it off anyway.

Sleep-Easy Function’ technology

Which allows you to silence the alarm if a low battery beep starts in the middle of the night.

Premium Technology For Guaranteed Safety

  • Specially designed circuit by Microchip Technology for fast fire detection
  • Lithium battery ensures reliable long lasting performance (10 years)
  • Adhesive pads to secure your smoke alarm without having to make permanent holes in your ceiling

Dependable & Reliable Technology

With All The Appropriate Certifications

The mydome smoke alarm has been thoroughly tested before being introduced to the UK market.

For more information please feel free to reach out
Premium components for full home coverage

Microchip technologies – designed by leading chip manufacturer to ensure dependability, reliability and safety

Varta Batteries – 10 years of uninterrupted fire and smoke safety


What safety standards does our smoke alarm meet?

  • CE
  • BSI Kite Mark
  • RoHS
360° Monitoring With No Blind Spots

Fully encompassed with air vents to ensure immediate smoke detection

Strong Features With Amazing Benefits
  • Clear alarm sound that can be heard throughout the home. A strong bright LED signal as a secondary alert feature
  • The purpose built Microchip technologies smoke alarm chip continuously checks the status of your smoke alarm so you don’t have to (Test button also provided for added peace of mind)
  • A premium lithium battery that lasts for 10 years ensures a hassle free experience without having to frequently replace or hard wire
Safety & Convenience
  • Temporarily silence the alarm to experience a good nights sleep – particularly useful when the end of life signal activates
  • 24/7 protection 365 days as you prepare to replace the smoke alarm before battery power finishes when the end of life signal activates
  • A dependable smoke alarm that Immediately brings any concerns to your attention so it is ready to detect fire and smoke whenever it needs to
Designed To Compliment The Interior Design of Any Modern Home

(There should be one smoke alarm per floor in every home)

Living Room / Lounge

(There should be one smoke alarm per floor in every home)


(There should be one smoke alarm per floor in every home)


(There should be one smoke alarm per floor in every home)

1 review for Montreal Smoke and Fire Alarm Detector For Quick Fire Detection

  1. Michelle

    Not much to say at this point as it is still very early days – ran through the standard tests you should for any new smoke alarm and it appeared to work fine. The hush button worked immediately as you would expect.

    Performance wise its hard to give a rating just yet however the 5* I hvae given is for everything else. The product came well packaged with an excellent instruction manual. the unit itself was actually very small and surprised me when i first saw.

    Overall my first impressions of the smoke alarm simply lay rest to any reservations I had and I am confident it will perform as expected.

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