Montreal Smoke and Fire Alarm Detector For Quick Fire Detection

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– Photoelectric sensing technology – For quick detection of all fire types: Detects slow smouldering fires + rapid rise in temperature. A fast response to all fire types.

– A self checking sensor with a clear audio notification

– Easy installation and maintenance with a sleek low-profile housing design

– Varta Lithium battery powered smoke alarm (battery Included)

– Low battery / end of life warning signal verifies alarm status

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MontrealMydome Smoke and Fire Alarm Detector Built For Quick Smoke Detection and Early Fire Prevention.

A reliable smoke detector that is very sensitive to small particles of smoke produced by fast flaming fires, such as paper and wood, and will detect this type of fire before the smoke gets too thick.

The smoke alarm has a “hush” buttons, for use where false alarms can be a nuisance e.g. when cooking. The alarm lets you know it’s been silenced by “chirping” – while a real fire producing lots of smoke will set it off anyway. Another helpful technology is the ‘Sleep-Easy Function’ which allows you to silence the alarm if a low battery beep starts in the middle of the night.

How many should I fit in my home?

The number of smoke alarms to fit in your home depends on your particular circumstances. Fires can start anywhere, so the more that are fitted, the higher the level of protection.


  1. Michelle

    Not much to say at this point as it is still very early days – ran through the standard tests you should for any new smoke alarm and it appeared to work fine. The hush button worked immediately as you would expect.

    Performance wise its hard to give a rating just yet however the 5* I hvae given is for everything else. The product came well packaged with an excellent instruction manual. the unit itself was actually very small and surprised me when i first saw.

    Overall my first impressions of the smoke alarm simply alleviated any concerns and I am confident it will perform as expected.

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