Wireless Drive Way Sensor

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Get an instant notification as soon as someone enters the perimeter of your garden or driveway: Motion sensor will detect the postman, guests and burglars

Easy driveway alarm sensor installation using a ball and socket rotatable mounting plate: Ideal for range and direction adjustments towards focus areas and vulnerable access points

The PIR sensor has been designed and optimised for performance and battery lifespan so users are not having to frequently change batteries – Motion sensor has a built in low battery indicator

– High quality speaker / receiver with 5 volume levels (including mute). Each home security sensor can be programmed to have a different chime so users can differentiate between which motion sensor has activated

– Expandable system – Expandable system – Easily add receivers and sensors to target other vulnerable or high risk areas such as garages and sheds

– Compatible with any existing standard mydome receiver kits and transmitters (doorbell button, motion sensor, driveway sensor, door & window contact sensors| Not compatible with the smart kit)


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driveway sensor motion detector alarm mydome
Driveway Alarm, Shed Alarm & Garden Sensor by mydome
Home security

Know the moment someone approaches your property

  • The receiver plugs into a standard UK plug socket it and contains a powerful receiver and high quality speaker.
  • Our sensor uses a passive-infrared (PIR) to detect any movement.

The driveway alarm will give you that added security and peace of mind.

  • Uses high powered transmission strength to cope with solid brick walls.

Alerts you the moment someone enters the perimeter of your property. Ideal for

  • An intruder alarm
  • Garage tool shed / van alarm
  • Front garden or walkway detection
  • Hidden alleyways or access areas
  • Back gardens

Expandable System

  • The receiver can be connected to multiple sensors including our door bell so the same chime will alert you to a visitor on your property and to your door.
    • You can assign different tones to each sensor so you can easily differentiate which was activated.
A Robust, Reliable Sensor
battery operated motion sensor garden alarm mydome
500 ft Operating Range

Guaranteed to cover the most vulnerable parts of your home

  • Can be adapted to work as a non touch wireless doorbell

(Operating range – Distance between receiver and sensor)

PIR sensor motion detector alarm mydome
Up to 16 ft 60°

Know the moment someone approaches your property

Each sensor can have a different chime associated with it so you know which one has been activated

Outdoor motion sensor motion alarm mydome

Easy to Install

The driveway sensor kits comes pre-equipped with a small screwdriver and appropriate screws to ensure a quick and easy installation process.

  • Batteries are provided for the sensor (4x AA batteries)
Where is the driveway alarm best used?
home security lighting mydome
Drive way

Driveway sensors facing the home or away

Porch, security and landscape lighting mydome
Front & side doors

Driveway alarm can be used to notify you of:

  • Wanted guests (postman)
  • Unwanted guests (burglars)
mydome dog - do you leave a light on for your pet
Pet entrances

Know when your pet has returned home or is safe on your premises

Motion sensor informs you when your pet has left your home

holiday home security mydome
Back garden

Create a geo-fenced secure surrounding for your home using the garden sensors

  • Shed alarm
  • Garage alarm
  • Fence entrance / doorway alarm
A Receiver Designed With the UK Home In Mind
home security alarm - garden PIR motion detector
Guaranteed House Wide Coverage

Specifically through brick walls, double glazed doors and windows

wireless doorbell midnight square receiver mydome

52 Melodies & Chimes With 5 Volume Levels

  1. Audio Notification – Volume level: 0 – 120dB
    1. Included chimes: Sirens, dog barking and traditional melodies (ding dong).
    2. Each sensor can have a different chime associated with it so you know which one has been activated)
  2. Visual Notification – Flashing LED light

Plug & Play Feature

  1. Plug the receiver in to a power socket and mount the driveway sensor- Start using immediately out the box
    1. Can be used with a timer plug for night time security only (e.g. 11pm – 6am). Smart memory function in the device saves all paired devices and previous settings (volume / chime).
Create A Complete Home Alert System
Midnight Sqaure wireless home alert kit mydome
Up to 50 different transmitters can be paired to your receiver to create a complete geo-fenced home alert system
  • Multiple doorbell buttons
  • Driveway / garden motion detectors & sensors
  • Window & door sensors

Multiple receivers / chimes can also be added and paired with any existing and additional transmitters.

Each transmitter can have a different chime associated with it to help identify which one has been activated

  1. mydome products are actively endorsed and recommended by the police through the Secured by Design initiative (SBD)

Not compatible with the smart driveway sensor kit

This Kit Contains

2x driveway sensor
1x receiver / chime
mounting brackets and screws

Power Source

Sensor – battery-powered (batteries provided)
Receiver – mains powered

Average Battery Life

12-18 months (sensor)

Replaceable Battery

Replaceable Battery

Installation Method

Mounting bracket and holding screws (provided with kit)
Adhesive pads (not provided)

Sound Level

0-115 dB
5 settings including mute

Notification Options

Sound & light notification

Operating Range

500ft (sensor to receiver operating range)

Sensor Scope

16 ft 60°

1 review for Wireless Drive Way Sensor

  1. Matt Berry

    Great sensors and unit
    work really well
    good piece of mind day and night letting you know who’s entered you property ?

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