The clocks have changed, Its time to secure your home easily with our quick programming guide for your light switch timer.

During the Cold Winter months the clocks go back 1 hour as the nights get longer. Our homes are left exposed in the dark for allot longer than we would like – but they don’t have to be!

As summer comes in and the clocks go forward we love to make the most of the good weather out in the sun either on holiday or on evenings out. Our homes are left empty and look unoccupied to hawking burglars – Its time to make your home look like a less vulnerable target!

Light Switch Timer – Quick programming guide

Do your part, be security smart. Quickly programme your light switch timer

Light switch timer – quick programming guide

Protecting the things that matter most to you and your family when it matters the most. Take a look at the following post to find out how we look after you.

Setting the clock – quick programming guide

  • press enter – then use the day/ hour / min buttons until correct time is displayed.
  • Press enter


  • Press prog button select the day / hour /min you want the light(s) to turn on – press enter
  • Then select the day / hour /min you want it to turn off – press enter
  • Press prog to complete

*To select multiple days continue pressing the day button. You can select groups of days so a single program can turn lights on every day at the same time.

*Repeat for as many programs as you want.


Additional features

How do I stop my programmed schedule from running without erasing all the programmes manually?

By holding down the hour button for 10 seconds you will see a bar appear on top of the word ‘Auto’ on your LCD screen. This signifies that your saved programmes are not active. The programmed timetable still remains in the memory of your light switch timer for the next time you wish to use it. In order to activate the programmes again please press the hour button until the word ‘Auto’ no longer has a bar above it.

This feature is ideal because it allows you to keep your light switch timer on the wall all the time using only the manual On/Off feature  like a normal switch.  Activate your programmes only when they are needed without having to create a new timetable each time.


Can I change the temperature from degree’s Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Holding down the Min button for 10 seconds toggles between the two different temperature units of measure.




24 comments on “Quick Programming Guide Light Switch Timer

  1. Steve Powell on

    My AUTO display had a solid line shown above it which I didn’t realise meant the timer was not working. Thanks to these easy instructions now all working ok!

      • mydome on

        You Can enable / disable the Manual / Auto modes by simply keeping your finger on the Hour button till the Line Appears/Disappears
        (FYI a line on top of a word is engineer speak for NOT = NOT Auto)

  2. Graham Burford on

    Is there an option to randomly turn lights on (and off a few minutes later) during the times when the lights are programmed to be off?

    • mydome on

      Hi Graham,

      The light switch timers random operation only works between the hours of 1am-5am for a 3 minute period once a night. Individual programmes must be run for all other times. With 9 programmable options you can ensure that lights appear to be coming on randomly. We do however advise that whilst away your lighting timetable should remain relatively consistent to how it would be if you was at home. This helps ensure any burglars canvasing a neighbourhood don’t see a change in pattern when your away.

      Many thanks,
      Oliver Queen

      Customer service team

  3. Terry Stoakes on

    Hi I have just received the unit, a great idea, something I have wanted for years, I have a three gang switch. Is it possible to operate each switch independently at different times?

    • mydome on

      Hi terry. thanks for your feedback and question.
      unfortunately not the light switch timer can not be programmed for individual lights. you can however select which lights are on the timer by adding or removing the control wheels at the rear.

    • mydome on

      Hi Stacey,

      Just above the ‘day’ button you should see a pin hole. Please use a pin / paper clip to press this button. You should find the clock goes back to 12:00am and the day Monday.

      Please note that you will have to enter the current day and time again before adding in your new programmes.

      Alternatively if it is just the programmes you would like to change please continue to press the day button on the programme screen. Once it has scrolled through all day variations you should find the clock resets.

      If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

      Customer service number: 0203 6370856

      Many thanks,

      Oliver Queen
      Customer service team

      • Varsha on

        I only want to program the timer for 3 time slots and not 9
        What should I be putting in for the 4th-9th on and off options?

        • mydome on

          Hi Varsha

          You can use as few as you need. simply leave the other blank. during programming, Pressing the day button repeatedly till it presents dashes on the time will clear the programme.


  4. Kim MCKenna on

    Hi I am having trouble programming the unit. I have pressed enter and put the time in, then the day, pressed enter then programme. I have chosen all days and the time to come on, then I chose all days and time to go off, pressed enter and then programme, I have watched the video on utube. The unit goes off but doesn’t come on, what am I doing wrong. I have selected the days as a group and not individually.

  5. Kim on

    Hi I’ve tried several times to programme my timer but failed. I have pressed enter, put time in then date, pressed enter then programme and tried to put all days in with on time, pressed enter then all days with off time then enter and programme. It doesn’t come on but goes off. What am I doing wrong

  6. Barnes on

    Found it very difficult to program. I gave up and put it away . All I wanted to do was have it come on and off at the same times every day. Poor instructions.

    • mydome on

      Hi Barnes,

      I am sorry its been difficult following the instructions. Below is a link to our quick programming guide.

      Should you need further assistance please feel free to contact our customer service team and one of our specialists will be on hand to talk you through the process.

      Customer support team: 0203 6370856

  7. Barry on

    I have purchased another light switch timer from Screwfix, I have just had my house rewired so have identical switches upstairs and note in one room although with the spacers provided the switch can be activated with a ‘click’. But when turing it off it turns off put the switch remain in half ‘mode’ (does not fully go back to off position.
    Please advise -do I need more spacers? I do not have a flat plate 1 switch light , it is from BG Nexus range. but the other light works perfectly.

    • mydome on

      Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes an additional spacer should solve your issue. Please send an email with your address and we can get one posted to you.


  8. Angie Hing on

    I have bought MyDome and set it working alright. So far very happy with the unit. I will be going on holiday for 4 weeks and want to know that the unit will continue without any interuption. Is there any button I need to press to confirm that? Thank you.

    • mydome on

      HI Angie,

      The light switch timer works on a continuous cycle and follows a rolling timetable based on the programmes saved in the system i.e. programmes will contiue to run after week one until one of the following 3 things happen:

      1. You decide to change the programme(s)
      2. You deactivate your saved programmes (visible on the default screen with current day and time – word Auto has a bar above it) —> link to the light switch timer quick programming guide that details this in more detail:
      3. The batteries die (please ensure the low battery indicator is not showing on your default screen before you leave for your holiday)

      I hope the above helps but please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.


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