Timer plugs – Can they still keep my home safe?

Going away on holiday or out for an evening has always been an exciting prospect but do we do enough to secure our most prized possessions whilst away; in short the answer is yes and no. We often take precautionary measures like asking a neighbour to watch over the home, have somebody home sit, install locks and alarms and most importantly use lighting and timer plugs to project activity whilst were away. Timer plugs for a very long time have been the go to product when leaving our homes unoccupied.

Timer plugs when your away


Using timer plugs has a number of advantages:

  • Timer plugs have been designed to give the impression that we’re in when we’re not
  • TImer plugs can work with a number of connected appliances
  • We can programme lights, radios etc. when were away for extended periods of time


Nevertheless using timer plugs also has its limitations:

  • Timer plugs can now only be used on lamps
    • Most of us tend to use the mains lights when at home so using lamps all of a sudden without any main lighting activity can be a little conspicuous.
    • Using timer plugs on radios has become outdated with new and improved technologies such as smart phones and tablets.
  • Timer plugs have been on the market for a very long time; home owners as well as burglars have come to learn when timer plugs are used and for what purpose.
    • In the case of home security burglars use this information to understand who may be away.
  • Timer plugs are not compatible with all lights and bulbs – specifically energy saving bulbs
  • Timer plugs require mains electricity so whilst away socket plugs cannot be turned off – this makes timer plugs not very cost efficient.
  • Potentially means leaving lamps in places where they could be a fire hazard


Though timer plugs have traditionally been the answer to home security there are a number of potential flaws which have been raised above. These are starting to take precedent over the positives that can arise from them . The concept of the timer plug still remains appealing and still resonates with the security conscious, however identifying a more effective tool to deterring burglars has become the end goal. A product that provides home security whilst also addressing the negative aspects of the timer plug such as cost efficiency, practicality, flexibility and safety.


The smarter solution is to time the lights you use on a daily basis, i.e. the mains lights.  Why bother setting artificial lights on timers when you can just as easily programme your mains lights at home.  With different mains lights coming on and off it really does look like your moving around the home.


The Mydome Light Switch Timer

The light switch timer illuminates the home just as it would if we were still there, giving a true illusion that were still home. The programmable timer is a police approved and endorsed product that is battery operated. Siting directly on top of your existing light switches the light switch timer is programmed when your away, whether that be on holiday or as short as an evening out. Awarded with the 2016 best innovation award it is the only timer switch which can be fitted to the 1,2 or 3 gang light switch on your wall without the need to make any changes to your switches or perform any wiring. The Timer Switch is an easy and reliable way to turn your existing light switch into a programmable timer light switch. The battery operated timer switch allows you to have your house lights come on and off at different times on different days to align with your regular routine and make it appear like your home.


When purchasing home security products like timer plugs and switches it is important to keep in mind the reason why we want and need them. Home security touches beyond protecting our expensive electronics and jewellery it’s a canvas term used to include our cherished memories and peaceful living. With this in mind the light switch timer presents itself as the practical upgrade to the traditional timer plug and the new go to solution for all holiday goes and security enthusiasts.


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