Mydome Sponsor police burglary

Switched On Products Sponsors Met Police Anti Burglary Campaign

Mydome sponsors Police Home security Campaign

As we prepare for the onset of autumn and the longer nights the Metropolitan Police once again launch their anti-burglary campaign to promote the crime prevention message to help keep residents safe.

After the success of “Do your part, be security smart” campaign last year, the Metropolitan Police is expanding the campaign to cover six North London boroughs in an attempt to reduce burglaries in the area and switched on Products is again Proud to be sponsoring the campaign and the anti-burglary message.

The campaign is timed in preparation for the clocks going back on the On 25th October 2015, meaning shorter days and longer nights, and with it an increase in burglary rates as criminals get more time under the hours of darkness.

This year’s campaign sees Metropolitan Police print half a million leaflets to help educate the public to take steps to prevent themselves becoming victim of break-ins by giving extra tips to keep their home safe and secure during the winter.
Managing Director Naiem Dakri said: “When asked if we would like to sponsor the local Metropolitan Police service anti-burglary initiative for a second year we didn’t hesitate to offer our support. The campaign is a great way to educate the public and help residents avoid becoming victims of burglary. It also supports our commitment to raising the level of security around the home for our customers.”

The initiative was brought into effect in 2014 in the borough of Barnet, and its success has meant it will now be widened to include Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Camden and Islington as well. The week beginning October 12th will see an increased police presence, with 500 police officers visiting around 200 streets in each of the boroughs.

Clocks Locks and Lights

Clocks Locks and Lights will involve a leafleting campaign, with residents in the various boroughs being given flyers informing them of the steps they can take to improve their security. These included security timer switches, security lights, locks and alarms, as well as other tips for a safer winter.

Leaflet sponsors Switched on products is sponsoring the initiative, helping to fund the production of half a million leaflets which will be given out during street visits, on police ward stands and in shopping centres and transport hubs.
Clocks, Locks and Lights is part of the Met’s wider programme: Operation Bumblebee. With these initiatives, it is hoped that the threat of burglary during the winter months can be reduced and people throughout the capital can feel safer in their homes.

Do your part, be security smart
Clocks Locks and Lights

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