Burglars tend to stay away from well lit homes

Wireless Alarm Systems WIFI Cameras


Research conducted by the crime prevention unit reiterates the importance of burglar alarm systems. Experts have identified through post arrest interviews that a burglar is less likely to attempt to enter a home with an alarm system installed. These very same alarm systems have now evolved with the advent of the digital age.  Wireless alarms have become more sophisticated and reliable over time and are now more mature and reliable.  Systems are being created at an astounding rate with each and every system surpassing its predecessors in both design and functionality.

Smart Security – Its time you was told straight away if your being burgled rather than find out when you return!

WI-FI Camera Alarms

Wireless alarm systems are quick and easy to install conveniently blending in with aesthetics of the home without the need to disturb the decor.  Many modern systems now take into consideration the aesthetics of the sensors and the centralised control panel making them look attractive and in sync with the contemporary home decor. The absence of wires also gives users the ability to mount the system in any desired location within the home.

The modern alarm systems no wire no hassle characteristics can save a huge amount of effort and time. This reinforces the idea of easy and clean installation.

The technology utilises battery powered sensors that directly connect with radio signals. (over RF frequency).  Various sensors are available including PIR, door, microphone, smoke etc making them very expandable. The sensors all communicate with the control panel and can trigger a siren and alert the owner.

The new systems present an added benefit to those individuals that rent a house. The portability feature allows the user to install and remove the system without any wiring.

The system is not limited to just protecting your home but can incorporate a number of added features to maximise its use and improve usability. Wireless key fobs are amongst the most popular. Rather than have to enter key codes that can be forgotten, the fob can simply activate and deactivate the system remotely. The centralised control panel can also be programmed to detect smoke and flood maximising its potential to perform more than one function at any given time. The new wireless system aims to improve overall home security by centralising whilst also simplifying all security features into one network and product.

There are two main types of Wireless alarm systems, on the market.  one is a stand alone system which will only communicate with the owner via a connection to the owner’s existing telephone line.

Smart technology – changing the way we view our homes

Smart home technology is an idea that’s beginning to gain strong traction around the world. As individual needs and wants continuously change people are quickly adapting to an ever growing home automation range, helping them become more efficient and even more connected. The smart home movement is changing the way we take on new tasks, interact with our belongings as we all aim to build a better quality of life. In doing so what we are starting to do is change the way we view our homes. Smart home automation has grown in popularity because of their easy DIY applications. Most smart products now only require a user and a smartphone making the technology accessible to pretty much anyone now.

The development of smart home technology signalled a big shift in home security as homeowners began to receive a greater control in their fight against criminals. Smart security systems give real-time updates so a user can be far away from his or her home and still be completely connected.

What is a smart home security system?

To enable interconnectivity you have a base station that communicates with a number of cameras over your wifi network. Cameras are available for indoor and outdoor use, and can run off the mains or batteries.

The other end of the system is an app on your smartphone. This lets you set up, and control the security system as well as receive alerts and footage when something is happening in your home.

How you can take control

With a smart home camera security system, you get control in ways that were never possible with burglar alarms.

  • Being based around your existing Wi-Fi network means that setting the system up yourself is easy
  • You choose where cameras are located, inside or outside, and you can easily move them as your needs change
  • Many systems have low, or no ongoing costs
  • Smart learning and clever settings can help minimise false alarms
  • Geofencing lets many systems know when you are home and the cameras turn off
  • Alerts go to your smartphone, so you can keep your home safe no matter where you are
  • You decide if alerts are important, and you decide what happens about them. Ignore the courier dropping a parcel at your front door, call the police for the person that just crowbarred your back door
  • Cloud storage of footage means that even if the thieves get smart and try to disable or steal your cameras and security system, you have still got the incriminating evidence to show the police.

What it means for you

The bottom line is that home security is no longer complicated, expensive or ineffective. With a smart wireless system, it’s simple, cheap, flexible and highly effective.

Best of all it puts you in control.

More advanced systems now connect to the user’s home router allowing remote access via a smartphone or tablet.  These give users the ability to view alerts and arm the system remotely.

Newer Phone Based wireless ssystems are also making there way onto the market.

The Ring Doorbell, for example allows you to see who is at your front door & talk to them from your phone.

Other wifi camera based systems offer remote viewing with smart alrts when movement is detected.  Cleverloop system camera system will automatically alert you any time movement is detected in your home.




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