2014 Burglary Statistics

2014 just like any other year was subject to a high level of crime. From murders to highjacks to all sorts of other things that make us feel unsafe in our streets and even in our homes. The worst feeling is being burgled. The amount of possessions taken always has the same effect regardless but it’s the feeling of insecurity they leave behind that scars its victims the most. Not feeling safe in your own home is a feeling no one should have to go through. Sadly a lot of people went through it in 2014.

The patterns are the same year on year but they are showing slight decreases from 2013. Without question the highest number of burglaries were made nearer Christmas. November showing very high levels at around 37,982 burglaries in the UK in 2014. When put into context the total burglaries from December 2013 to November 2014 is standing at 390,451. Going by year on year stats the total burglaries in November 2013 was 40,391.

Looking at these figures of November alone we can see that there has been a decline in burglaries by around 3000 hits but at the same time this a lot of crime still running around the UK.

On researching the burglary hotspots for last year there is a large amount located in one city. London. Hotspot postcodes for burglaries last year there are at least half a dozen, if not more, all located inside the borough of London. This is surprising as this is the territory of the metropolitan police. The sheer size of the force and their regular patrols of the streets makes it questionable as to why there are still substantial amounts of burglaries happening in those areas. Postcodes such as N11 and E9 are highly featured amongst many others.

Other hotspots indicated by insurance companies are postcodes in Leeds, Doncaster and Birmingham. However the city that came out on top out of all the locations was Manchester with a staggering 45,000 claims of burglary in 2014. Working out to be about 865 a week!!

So if you live in a burglary hotspot or want to feel safer in your home it’s time you checked all your locks and windows and got yourself some extra safety cushions. One great thing you can do is to install a light timer switch. A lot of burglaries happen when you’re not at home which means 9 times out of 10 your house is watched. A scary thought but if you have a timer on your lights they can trick the thieves in to thinking that there is still someone at home. Even when you leave how do they know there isn’t someone else still indoors?

So install a timer switch or do something as simple as leaving a radio on to sound like people talking from the outside to make sure your abode and all of your possessions are safe from prying eyes and crowbars.

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