What Cuts In Policing Means When It Puts Your Home At Risk

Recent news stories reflect on the fact that national policing budgets are 5% smaller than last year’s budget, meaning that policing levels in local areas will inevitably drop. Despite all 43 police forces in England and Wales suffering from the challenges it already faces news reports escalate that we are being told that the forces will still be equipped with all the resources they need. However the same sources indicate that response times for 999 calls are in fact 30% slower. But what does this mean when it relates to your safety in your home?

Budget cuts are never a good thing as it means somewhere whenever it’s needed urgent help is not there quick enough. Although we’re being told that all forces across England and Wales will get the same percentage cut it will affect everyone in different ways. Cities suffer as they generally have more crime. Smaller locations suffer as they may have to wait considerable lengths of time until help arrives.

Home security

In the defence of your home and your assets these cuts could also cause problems. If the help isn’t there fast enough what will happen if you suspect something and it turns out to be right? This means that the security of your home will need to be on the top of your list of priorities more than ever. Although policing cuts are probably not going to stop anytime soon it’s best to make sure your home is secure as much as it can be in case something should happen.

Simple tasks such as checking all of your doors and windows are essential in keeping your home safe. Double locks on doors are a good start on securing your entrances. Although it means another key and another lock this will help to keep your doors closed tight. No harm comes from being protective of your home and possessions. It can even act as a deterrent. If your home is seen as being completely secured thieves will look for an easier target.

However despite the cuts there are some special funds being given to areas of national policing interest.

It has never been more important for home owners to take ownership of their homes security and take reasonable steps to protect themselves and their property.

Simple steps such as ensuring good Police approved locks are fitted, and security lighting is employed such as the Ensuring keys are kept safe and valuables not left on display or insight during the evenings. Burglars don’t like to be caught with tools on them so they often look for these in an unsecured shed or in the garden. Don’t leave that garden spade lying around.

Schemes like neighbourhood watch will be highly beneficial during the times of cuts as we can all look after each other. Tools such as social media can keep communities in touch with any activities or news that may affect them and their neighbours. Stretched police units would also benefit from the extra pieces of evidence collected to help with their enquiries. So when your home needs protecting support your local community and they’ll support you.



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